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When And Why – Change Lock

When you have a correctly working door lock at home or work, you might ask yourself if it is time to change it. Sometimes, even if your home security lock is still working accordingly, there might always be a need to replace it. Read on to know when and why change lock, although it seems like it is not necessary.

Lost Keys

We have experienced losing something one time or another. The most common thing that people misplace or lose are the keys, be it for the home or vehicle. There are times that we find these keys in unexpected places. However, if we are not sure where we lost these important small metals, we might be thinking who could have found them.  

Rather than worrying about who could have picked up your home key, it is best to change your locks instead. Reliable and experienced locksmiths can quickly do this for you. You can get peace of mind knowing that your old key cannot be used by anyone, like culprits, to enter your home.

However, if losing your home key is becoming a habit, either by you or any family member, you might want to switch into a smart keyless home security system. This way, you will not have to think about keeping and finding your home key all the time.

Just Moved into a New Home

If you are a new homeowner, it will be wise to immediately change all door and window locks once you move in. Although your agent has given you a new set of keys, it is still best to ensure that no other person has access to your door locks. You never know who was previously granted access to the house before you moved in.

Divorce, Separation, or Dispute

Going through a divorce and separation is an undesirable situation for anyone. If you had an intense agreement with your spouse, friend, or roommate, it might be best to have your locks changed. It is better to be safe than sorry. You can never be sure if the person you were previously close to can cause harm to your home.

It might also be prudent to have your locks replaced by a trusted locksmith if you lent your key to another person and was not able to get it back. This person can be a repairman, house help, nanny, service provider, or even a friend.


If someone broke into your home or attempted to, you might need to replace all your locks and keys immediately. It is just sensible to use new keys if an intruder happened to enter your house, car, or office illegally. There is a big possibility that this intruder will return.

Old Worn Locks

The most straightforward reason you can find to change locks is due to wear and tear. Your lock protects your properties and family; hence it would seem appropriate to have sturdy locks to get optimum security. You might also want to do the replacement if you haven’t changed your home locks for a long time.

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