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The Different Kinds Of Locks

Locks may seem to be simple. However, when choosing a lock for your home or business, you always want to get the best and most fitted one. Of course, your property and family’s safety lies in the power of this small metal thing. Additionally, there are different kinds of locks that you can choose from, and each type has its pros and cons.


The most common type is the padlocks. Since it is not attached to a wall or anything, it allows you to use it on almost everything. This type is available in different colors and sizes. Moreover, its versatility makes it ideal even for people that are always on the go.

Almost everyone knows how to use a padlock. There are two padlock kinds – keyed and combination. Let’s look closer at their differences.

Keyed Padlocks

You can choose between a rekeyable and non-rekeyable lock. One cannot change the key for the non-rekeyable type. Additionally, there are also the non-key-retaining and key-retaining locks. With the latter, you cannot remove the key when the padlock is open.

Combination Padlocks

This type uses a number combination to open. One of its advantages is that you will never worry about misplacing the key. However, the downside is when you forget the number combination.

Knob Locks

One can commonly see a knob lock installed on the exterior doors of homes. Although this lock is typically used by homeowners to secure their front doors, it is not that reliable. The reason is that the cylinder of this lock is in the knob, instead of the door. Hence, this lock can be easily broken using pliers or wrench.

It would be wise to combine your doorknob lock with another lock, like a deadbolt. It will provide added and better security to your home and office.

Lever Handle Locks

Lever handles are a lot easier to open than knob locks. These locks are commonly used inside commercial buildings. It can be forcefully opened by using excessive force on the handle. There are available lever handle locks for both right and left-handed people.


Deadbolts are frequently put on external doors. Below are the different kinds of locks for this type:


It has a thumb turn inside and key cylinder on the outside that are primarily used to close and open the lock. But this type of seemingly sturdy lock still has its weakness. If one has access to the inside, like a window, the lock can be opened by mere use of the thumb turn.


A double cylinder deadbolt resolves the security issue of a single-cylinder model. It uses a key cylinder inside and outside of the door. However, the primary concern with this type of lock is that you always need to use a key from the inside when locked. It is not a good situation you want to be in, especially during emergencies.

Lockable Thumb Turn

This lock is a hybrid between a single and double-cylinder deadbolts. Therefore, you can use the thumb turn feature when there are people inside the house. On the other hand, you can lock the thumb turn when leaving the house, especially for an extended period. 

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