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Locksmiths Enter The Real Estate Industry

Why Real Estate Agents and Locksmiths Are Best of Friends?

Real estate agents work on their schedule and see their bosses only a few times each month. Hence, they need to make a good impression on their superiors each time they meet. However, the life of a real estate agent has its bumps.

These challenges may include issues concerning the property you are selling, like home locks and keys. A real estate agent must maintain a good working relationship with a dependable locksmith. The same way that when locksmiths enter the real estate industry, they must learn to keep a healthy working condition with the agents.

Some of the problems that agents will need locksmith’s assistance will vary from each situation. Hence, a good connection will mean a faster locksmith service delivery, which is necessary for any of the following emergencies.

You Got Locked-Out

There are times when sellers forget to leave the key behind, as promised. You look inside the lockbox, under the doormat, on top of the door, behind the lamp, but still nothing to be found. However, the door needs to be open soon since a couple wants to look at the house today. What to do?

All you need is to call our dependable locksmith superhero.  We can replace or duplicate a key and even unlock a door to the house you are selling. It is the quickest and most efficient solution if a potential buyer is arriving very, very soon.

Another instance is when you have a meeting with a prospective home buyer, and you are in a hurry since you do not want to be late. However, when you are already looking for your key, you realize that you left it inside your car. You can get a taxi, but you are not sure if you can hail one in your area. Your best option is our friendly locksmith.

The House Needs a Replacement Lock – ASAP!

If the house you are selling had a previous owner, you might need to change the lock immediately. Old duplicate keys of the house are still out there. You need a professional to do the replacement quickly and efficiently. Therefore, a trusted locksmith is your perfect go-to person.

Since you already have a dependable working relationship, you already know how long the lock can be changed. On the other hand, your locksmith is already familiar with the type of results you want and how fast you need it.

Evictions and Foreclosures

One of the challenging things realtors have to do is when they have to evict a property owner. This situation is never pleasant. A reliable locksmith can make the case safer by securing the property with new keys and locks. The same goes for foreclosed properties. Even without your presence, a trusted locksmith can safeguard the property by installing appropriate locks, as you instructed.


Both real estate agents and locksmiths have a common goal – that is, to secure a property. Realtors need to work hand-in-hand with a locksmith to ensure proper lock installation. Similarly, locksmiths have to make sure that their working relationship with real property agents remains smooth and trustworthy.  

If you’re a real estate agent, the best locksmith to contact is Stuart Lock & Key. We provide 24-hour emergency service to provide the best locksmith assistance on your every property visit with your clients. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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