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Lock Bumping and How to Prevent It

There are home invasions where there is no sign of any forced entry at all. It is alarming to every home and business owner. The type of lock we use has a significant influence on criminals if they will target your home or not. Most houses with cylinder locks are targeted by burglars, which they lock-bump.

Lock bumping is a picking strategy to unlock doors wherein intruders align the pins of a cylinder lock. Burglars only need a few tools and some practice to do this correctly.

Bump or 999 keys are helpful tools used by locksmiths in exceptional cases. However, if the wrong people get hold of these special keys, they can be used to commit crimes like home invasions. Burglars just need to insert the key into a door lock and bump it with a screwdriver or a mallet. Then voila, the door will open by twisting the bump key a bit. This technique can be completed in only about ten seconds.

Due to the rise of lock bumping cases, extra security measures have been developed. You can use these tips to protect your properties and loved ones from lock bumping and how to prevent it.

Ensure Better Visibility

It is effortless to bump any home door lock. But remember that criminals are less likely to enter a home that is visible to neighbors and passersby. Thus, always keep trees and bushes well-trimmed to ensure that burglars have no places to hide in your area. It may also help if you have a guard dog that can make noises when intruders get near.

Get Temporary Lock Guards

If you want an economic added security against lock bumping, you can use a deadbolt or flip guard. In case burglars bump your home locks, they cannot quickly open the door due to these simple devices. However, you cannot lock or unlock it from the outside.

Use a Bump-Proof Lock

Manufacturers are now making bump-proof or bump-resistant locks available. These high-security locks have unique markings near the keyhole. It does not rely on the pin locking mechanisms; hence, it is more difficult for thieves and burglars to bump or pick. Some units come with extra protective features like a bolt with ball bearing extensions that you can lock into a door frame receiver.

Install a Security System

Always remember that your doors can never be wholly protected from culprits and criminals. One of the best options is to have a security system installed in your home. This way, the authorities can be immediately notified if somebody illegally enters your place. It is your family and property’s last line of protection from intruders.


You may not be able to secure all entry points in your home and office one hundred percent. But there are ways you can prevent burglars and thieves from targeting your place. You can also ask our professional locksmiths’ assistance at Stuart Lock & Key to ensure that you have the right locks to protect your properties.

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