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Do I Need A High-security Door Lock?

Why Do You Need High-Security Door Locks?

People always do their best when protecting our homes and businesses. From doors to windows, roofs, and garage, we still use the best security system.

With the many locks available, choosing the perfect one can sometimes be too daunting. That is why people typically select the one that we know provides the highest security. But we sometimes ask ourselves, “Do I need a high-security door lock?” Let’s find out when we need to use one at home or even at work.

A high-security lock is intended to delay the burglars’ attempts to break in your house, car, or office premises. It has anti-picking, anti-bumping, and anti-drilling features that you can never find in ordinary locks.  It is made from highly-resistant materials like metal for extreme protection and can be any of the following:

  • With patented keys for limited access in specific areas
  • Biometric locks
  • Electronic combination locks
  • Bluetooth locks

Residential Areas

The most common security locks are those used for residential homes. It is commonly installed on the front door to protect their families from burglars. The most common types used are the mortise locks, double cylinder deadbolts, or smart keyless locks. One can only use smartphones to unlock intelligent keyless locks.

In Large and Busy Cities

Even if you already have installed traditional locks to your home or office, it is still a good idea to get an additional high-security one for extra protection. It is even a better idea if your home or commercial space is located in a busy city area.

Do not think that you are safe from any intruders because your place is in a crowded place. Always remember that burglars observe their target area and attack when they see a window of opportunity.

In Marginal Areas

Intruders also target marginal areas that are being less monitored than the central regions. So if your home is located in such a place, you might be better off with additional high-security locks for your gate and doors.

Other Considerations

It will also be wise to have your windows secured with high-security locks. It is more advisable for windows near the ground and can easily be reached from the outside. Additional security locks are additionally advisable if there are things below your windows, which can be used to climb into your home. You might also want to have security bars installed on your windows for more protection.

When You Don't Need High-Security Locks

Not all doors in your home need high-security locks. This type of lock is more useful for exterior doors like the ones at the front and back. Interior doors can merely use doorknobs and won’t be needing high-security locks.


High-security locks can give us more peace of mind. However, installing high-security locks is not simple. It is prudent to call for our professional locksmith to install this type of security device for you. You need to ensure that the lock is installed correctly to provide the much-needed protection for everyone.

Stuart Lock & Key has professional locksmiths that are licensed and bonded to assist you with your locks & keys needs. Call us today to help you with your security door lock.

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