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Common Problems with Car Remote Controllers

Our car is one of the most daily essential things in our lives. We use it every day to go to work, do groceries, bring and pick-up the kids to and from school, and all other daily errands. But another essential thing we usually take for granted is the car key and its remote controller.

Most modern-day vehicles come with car key remotes. It provides convenience to drivers and also gives added car security. As its name suggests, it can control some aspects of your vehicle within a certain distance.

It is frustrating when a car remote is not working, especially if you are in a hurry early in the morning. Aside from the inconvenience, a non-working remote impairs the safety features of your vehicle. When this happens, it is customary to ask why. There are some common problems with car remote controllers which you can quickly identify:


The battery is the primary source of the power of a car key remote controller. When your car remote control is not working, you can quickly check its battery. Do not immediately assume that the device is broken and needs to be replaced. A dead battery is the most common problem with car key controllers.

Since you cannot start your vehicle with a dead cell, you can quickly replace the battery. It is best to have a spare battery cell for your remote, especially when you are going on a long trip. Batteries are inexpensive; hence, it is easy to get one or two and keep it for emergency use.

However, if you’re not used to doing this, it is better if you call our locksmiths to provide you the right assistance you need and lessen the risk.


If your battery cell is working fine, but your remote control is still not working, you can check the buttons. Check if the car’s remote control buttons are loose or seem weird when you press and click them. To immediately solve this, you can merely push the loose-fitting buttons to put them back to their proper place.

However, this solution does not always work. When the buttons get challenging to fix, you might need to contact our car key remote experts. Our professionals are highly-trained to repair car keys quickly.


Now, if the battery and buttons are working correctly, you might then want to check the remote control programming. For simple program issues, you can check the instruction manual and follow the steps provided. Just make sure always to follow the instructions carefully; otherwise, your reprogramming attempt may not be successful.

If you want a faster resolution to programming concerns, you can contact our professional locksmith who can do this quickly with a reasonable fee. It does not matter if you’re tight in budget, our services are affordable and reliable. Our priority is your safety, so we make sure that we provide convenient options that will meet both your needs and budget.


It is easy to understand the frustrations drivers go through when a car key remote is not working. It may be a small device, but its importance cannot be demeaned. When you encounter any of the common problems with car remote controllers, do not hesitate to reach out to our professional locksmiths. We have the experience and skills to check and repair car key devices anytime and anywhere.

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